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In the dark? Look for The Son

Bill Evans is a young man of twenty-six that absolutely hates the concept of a loving God. As a seven year-old, he watched his mother transform from a vibrant living being to a lifeless pile of flesh in his bedroom at the fists of his drunken father. He lost his grandfather to what he thought was a heart attack. Later, Bill and his best friend were kidnapped by very evil men. When returning home from Iraq, Bill finds himself homeless and bewildered at the visions he encounters. After being physically attacked by a gang that resembled demons, he finds himself, despite his protests, in a 1965 Mustang heading toward Mount Hope, Tennessee with Nick, an angel, Mo and Pete, homeless, allegorical representatives of Moses and the Apostle Peter. In the middle of this sojourn, he meets an assortment of characters that reflect the shades of gray that exist in all of us. He meets Tim Nelson, pastor of Mount Hope Baptist Church, Cecil Johnston, a chiseled, eighty-four year-old Christian warrior that has a connection to Bill's past, and Clifton Trull, a new Christian that lacks maturity, courage, and the ability to shut up. These three are just some of the characters Bill meets as his journey toward his destiny reaches its apex. It is no coincidence that Bill's first steps into real Christianity are his first steps into spiritual warfare.         

Testify follows Bill Evans on his journey from lost sinner to righteous saint. He is taught the truth of the Gospel of Christ, confronts the demons of his past including the truth behind his abduction, learns the reasons behind his grandfather's death, and literally faces off against Satan.  Testify is not a typical Christian novel in that it does not cater exclusively to an evangelical audience. Its graphic audacity and sometimes-violent nature jumps off the page ripping at the hearts of saint and sinner alike. Testify has two purposes: spread the Gospel of Christ in an effective, creative, and fun manner and earn a profit by successively completing purpose one. Testify is an exalting tribute to Jesus Christ that will introduce Him to many that will in reality never read a "Christian" novel. The darkness factor of Testify will appeal to so many non-Christian readers while at the same time; Christians will read for the central message that Jesus Christ is the Savior. In the end, all will know Jesus is The Christ.

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