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The Nintendo Wii ADVENTURE

Posted on October 13, 2006 at 6:39 PM
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The Nintendo's seventh generation console will be released on November 19, 2006. Most places will do it at midnight. October 13, 2006, you had to if you wanted one, reserve one if fortune smiled upon your family crest. Most chains like EB GAMES AND GAMESTOP ONLY were only allowing 12 to 15 units to be pre-ordered. The following is a timeline that details the trek to the Wii.

Marketing 10:30 PM  The Enforcer and I arrive at GameStop in Lexington, Tennessee. He is attired better than I am. I am dressed in jeans, a black trench coat, dress shoes that are holier than most priests on Saturday night, a green tee and a head covering for my precious bald head. I suffer from OCD, so once I planted my bottom in the ratty chair I brought from home which by the way was positioned directly in front of GameStop's main entrance, I decided not to leave except for the bathroom breaks.

Within minutes two local women in a green van circled like hungry vultures and we were the zebra flesh.
"Whatcha ya doin'?"
At first thought, we thought we would answer, "Well, not wondering why the Miss America Pagent hasn't called you two back."

So later, we watch as the same cars circle the adjacent Wal-Mart store at least 556 times.

At some point, some girl more than likely breaking curfew and the leash law drove buy numerous times honking her horn. We were not amused.

11:30 PM Lose feeling in most toes

11:45 PM Wonder why toenails are aching.

12:00 AM Challenge Jack Frost to a thunderdome match

2:00 AM Hallucinations of fire keep us warm.
2-3- Trull reads chapters 16-24 of Matthew and we discuss it in detail.
2:45 AM The fuzz, the police, the Man drives by and asks what we are waiting on. Very cool officer. Thought we or I was possibly mentally unstable.

3:00 AM Skin burns

3:01 AM Where are my toes?
3:30 We encounter another pair of women that truly prove closing time at the beer joint can make some women prettier than Mary Kay could ever hope. Lava soap wouldn't have made a dent in their language. They spoke so foul, everytime their lips parted, bird and duck feathers flew out.

4:00 AM  Women across the way thinks we are thugs so D Man, the police are called.

4:05 AM The parking lot is surrounded by the K-9 Unit. I kid. It was just officer Fife and Huckleberry Hound with rabies.

6:20 AM Sunlight is teasing us

7:00 AM Trull attempts to keep warm with a lighter. He was a flaming Trull for a moment. Love the smell of burnt flesh in the morning.

7:30 AM Elderly lady stops and thinks we are homeless. She offers to give us money. Sweet. Should have tqaken it.

8:30 AM People start to show up. I defend my position by urinating over the door. Okay, I didn't. That much.

9:30 AM We are surrounded by Snowball, Silent Bob, Jay and Dante from Clerks fame.
9:50 AM Time actually stops to taunt me.
10:00 AM Manager Dave allows us poor mortals to enter the hallowed hall known as GameStop.
10:02 AM The first of 12 is mine for the giving at Christmas.
10:05 AM Coma.

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