A Christian's Home

In the dark? Look for The Son


          We put up the fake tree for Christmas the other day and I was hit with a thought. Please bear with me. I know the origin of the Christmas tree, but Iím using it to make a valid point and metaphor. We are fake Christmas trees. Before we come to Christ, we are the bare metal or plastic stand that does not have any limbs. As the Bible teaches, we are sinners before a just and righteous God. It is not until the Comforter known as Godís Holy Spirit comes to us that we become more than what we were. The Holy Spirit for lack of a better word or phrase decorates us in the splendor of Godís Grace. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Godís Son, our only salvation, and repent, stop doing the things we know are against Godís will, and we ask Jesus to be the lord of our lives.

          Many people even those wearing a Christian mantle say, ďMan cannot know Godís mind or will.Ē Are you kidding me? What is that book holding up your coffee table? Quit using it as an oversized coaster and realize that yes, we, mere, mortal men can know God and His plan for us in the Word which is the Bible! Our secular, liberal world is biblically illiterate. This is nothing new. I honestly do not know how many times God turned his back to the children of Israel because of their inability to follow His rules.

Judges 2:10  After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.

          During this Christmas season we have too many bare, naked, and just plain trees standing about. We do not have the beautifully decorated trees with the blinking lights that warm the hearts. Oh no, we cannot have that. Look at the verse again, well, one part specifically. Another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel. This current trend of ignorance toward the Christ, the Father, and Spirit has always been here. Itís just, today; Satan has more avenues at his disposal.

        Christian soldiers Arise! Take your weapons, The Holy Bible! Open them, study, learn, and live them! Know that true understanding begins with the fear of The Lord! Prepare the breastplate of righteousness! Resist the devil and he will flee you! The future of tomorrow cannot learn the lessons of the past if we do not teach them in the present! If you are reading or hearing this and you are a Christian, are you a fully decorated tree that shines the light of Christ for those who walk behind or are you not? If you life belongs truly to Christ you will not live for yourself but for the One who saved you from Hell.